b'The best way of protecting children from falls andCheck that ladders have been stored safely where falling objects is to keep them away from the farmchildren cannot climb them. unless very closely supervised by someone not involved in farm work on the day. Stacks of hay or straw are not great places for hide and seekthey are NOT play areas and can collapse Heavy objects such as spare or old tractor wheels, oldor catch fire, killing those under or on top of them. gates and old machinery can fall on children so care is needed to make them secure.Grain intake pits and grain bins are also a No-Go Zone!Most people appreciate that bulls, boars and ramsChildren should be kept out of yards and pens where are dangerous but female animals with their youngpotentially dangerous animals are kept. Gates and are just as dangerous and may also attack people asfences should be built so that they cannot be climbed they try to protect their young. easily. They see children, and especially dogs, as a threat toEnsure you have the time to fully supervise children their newborn.when they are visiting the farm to see the animals. At busy times - such as right now when calving and Children who come too close to a playful cow, sheep,lambing are taking place - be honest you will not pig or horse may be injured.be able to fully supervise your children so just keep them away.Keep dogs away too.'