b'ASK YOURSELF.Do you have a safe and secure play area for young children? Do they use it?Do you know where your young children are playing at all times? Can you see them? Can you ensure your children are fully supervised at all times when around the farm?If something were to happen while you were busy working would you know? Do you make your children wear High Viz when around the farm?Do you prevent children from playing in, or around, the yard and livestock? Do you prevent all children under 13 years from riding on tractors and farm machinery?Do you stop children under 16 from using the quad bike/ATV? Do you lead by example and wear a helmet? Do you secure all heavy wheels, gates, heavy equipment and stacked materials to prevent themfrom toppling over?Are dangerous areas (such as slurry lagoons) securely fenced to prevent children from gaining access and do you make sure tank covers are always in place? Do you make sure everyone washes their hands before and after visiting the yard?'