b'Children by their nature are inquisitive and willRemove any ladders or store them out of reach.always try to get into places which are apparently inaccessible so fence off slurry tanks/pits/lagoons.Slurry gases are very poisonous. Never put yourself in danger when mixing slurry, keep everyone away.Keep pits securely covered when not in use. Make sure tank covers are always in place and, if slats are removed, cover exposed areas of the tank beside the pump/mixer to stop anything falling in. Even apparently healthy livestock can carry disease which may be passed on to humans - particularly children. Youve heard it enough times recently but after touching animals or their surroundings, hands must be well washed with soap and warm water, especially before eating food. It may appear obvious but take a look around your sheds, stores and barns and make sure you lock away any harmful, poisonous substances. Chemicals, pesticides, fertilisers, veterinary medicines, dosing guns and syringes must be put away in a safe secure place and people, especially children, shouldnt have access.'